The buddy bundle 2 bags with( 24 bags inside each)100% original

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This Deal was made for you to enjoy with your familly and friends the awesome benefits of our Tea.

 🚫 Can’t be use if Pregnant or Breastfeeding 🚫

 🚫we try our best to close every single bag but sometimes is not perfect YOU CAN GET A TEA INFUSER IN CASE ONE TEA BAG OPENS🚫No refunds or exchanges will be made because the tea is not affected a Strainer can also be use🍵

✅IF IN 7 days you don’t feel the Detox effect use 2 baggies let them rest in hot water for 3 days and see if that helps if not contact us ✅

Energybolizer Revolution Detox Tea

Find all the benefits in just one Tea 

Our Herbal Tea

helps your body get rid of toxic waste which helps to improve your digestive system,detoxify and cleanse the body,it pushes waste out of your system and helps to clear the way for good nutrient absorption. A clean colon from a detox tea allows waste to pass easily. It also contains 

Grean Tea that is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body. Antioxidants help rid your body of free radicals, which can damage otherwise healthy cells. It has been shown to increase fat burning and boost the metabolic rate.

Some detox benefits 


   🎆combats constipation

    🎆Detoxifies your  Organism

    🎆Helps Remove Retained Liquids

   🎆Improves Health 

   🎆 Boost your metabolism

🎆Start burning stored fat

🎆May help with appetite and cravings

🎆Naturally raise energy levels

🎆Detox your internal organs

🎆Reduce bloating

🎆Improve skin complexion

🎆Flush out harsh toxins 

🎆Fix digestive issues

 🎆Liver support 

🎆Healthy Looking Skin 

🎆 It can help to improve your Blood pressure and Diabetes 

🎆It can help to regulate your cholesterol levels 


 Our detox tea can help with weight loss but it will depend on your body how much weigh you loss all our tea is the same one, the only difference is everyones body 


Our Detox tea can be taken at any time you like they are also Pm relax meaning that you can also take them before bed if that works best for you. 



Senna Leaves 

Malva Leaves

Panax Gin seng

Licorice Root 

Benzyl Benzoate

Green Tea

Garcinia Cambogia

Hoodia Gardonia

Chromiun Picolinate

Guarana Seed

More information about our Detox can be find on Instagram or Facebook


The tea works after 6-8 hours of use some body’s may need 3-5 days

The envelope contains 24 tea bags ☕️You can take our tea as long as you like because is and all in 1 tea Meaning that you can get all this benefits and more in just one Tea


Preparation: 1 cup of hot water let it rest for 3-5 minutes.You can boil the water with the tea bag inside also and let it cold down and put Ice after it colds down. I Prefer mine Hot.


Side effects: May cause cramps that go away once you go use the restroom. This may last depending on how dirty or clean your stomach is the rest of side effects can be from cleansing your body🤗look at our detox side effects & Ingredients section on Instagram 


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⭐️Energybolizer Revolution⭐️


This is a herbal tea made with natural ingredients. It helps clean your digestive system from all the unnecessary build-up in your intestine. It is a Detox tea so you may have some of the side effects that are posted on our home page. These detox symptoms can happen when you introduce something healthier in your diet, if you intestine is really dirty and you have never had a detox before. Symptoms include but are not limited to: cramps and stomach upset in the first days. Each package contains 24 individual tea bags. For best results drink at night, 1 tea bag with 1 cup of hot water. Do not exceed 1 cup a day 💖