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Disease Begins in the Gastrointestinal tract ,It doesn't matter if you eat, excellent food and diet along with vitamin supplements or exercise. If your intestine has never been cleansed of mucus and undigested food waste it will get CLOGGED with all the hormones and chemicals food contains , which are the result of mistakes you have made over the years with your body, you will never achieve complete healthy goal's. Your Gastrointestinal tract is Your Body's Sewage System When it becomes clogged by undigested waste, the result is auto intoxication or poisoning of your entire system which can cause , OBESITY , INAVILITY TO LOSS WEIGHT, FATIGUE, BLOATING , INFRECUENT BOWEL MOVEMENTS ( CONSTIPATION), SKIN ISSUES, GALBLADDER PROBLEMS, COLESTEROL, FATTY LIVER , THYROID, KIDNEY STONES, SLOW METABOLISM, BAD CIRCULATION, HIGHT BLOOD PRESURE , DIABETES. Our full detox KIT WAS MADE TO HELP YOU DETOX AND BEGIN YOUR JORNEY OF HEALTH MADE WITH NATURAL INGREDIENTS FULL OF BENEFITS TO DESINTOXICATE YOUR BODY OUR PRODUCTS ARE JUST A KEY 🔑 TO HELP.


If you have problems of Diabetes, Thyroid, Fatty Liver, Kidney problems for example stones, PCOS, oh lack of energy OR YOU ARE CONSTIPATED, FEEL LACK OF ENERGY (laziness) and you can not stop eating, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE PRODUCTS they will help your body get rid of all the bad toxins, food usually contains chemicals that are preservatives and hormones. Sometimes the only thing our body needs to return to normality is a deep detoxification, EVEN THOUGH OUR LIVER IS MADE TO PROCESS ALL OF THAT SOMETIMES IT GETS CLOGGED, Just like cars need to have maintainece and we have to change the oil, it is the same with our body, THIS KIT WILL WILL HELP ALL THIS 100% Natural and THE HERBS YOU USE HAVE MANY MORE BENEFITS , WE USE ANCESTRAL MEDICINE FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD 🌎 🌎. THEY ARE MADE IN THE USA 🇺🇸



Hello my name is Lucero Portillo owner of Janney’S deja vu

At the Age of 18 years old , I beginnined my journey in life as a grown woman,full of dreams but no money to accomplish them and no support of the once that were around. I’m thankful to all of you that believe in me & my products, I as women with many health problems including THYROID,PCOS,DIABETES, CONSTIPATION,BLOOATING AND ALWAYS PROBLEMS WITH WEIGHT GAIN AT A FASTER RATE , have always needed something to help my self in a healthier way and safer, to be full of energy for my 4 children. Plants have always been my passion in many ways as you can see I also do Chamán espiritual cleaning because is a connection to be able to have a balance, many problems we face as growing up are due most of the time to things we have experience during our lifetime . Our Supplements are 100% natural made with premium ingredients to help us archive our goals in a natural way , but every body is different some may need a few changes in our regular life style I’m here to always help with any advice. Latina with Mexican Parents from Michoacán & Guerrero, learning my ABUELITOS RECIPES was a must in this journey, but we also work with different CULTURES, TRIBES FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD , God has a purpose for everything, I have gotten to Travel all over the word to be in special ceremonies from different cultures and learn more each day, I SHARE SOME MORE IN MY INSTAGRAM STORIES, also thank to our Amzing TEAM IN OUR WONDERFUL LABS HERE IN THE USA FOR MAKING EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO MAKE , I WILL FOREVER BE THANKFUL TO THEM FOR HELPING ME ARCHIVE MY DESIRES FOR OUR PRODUCTS . We also have other products to embrace our beauty ,to me SHAPERS are a womens body bra , I have been using shapers seens I was 14 years old, feel that shapers help embracing our bodies and also we may feel more comfortable using them. JANNEYS'S DEJA VU BOUTIQUE WAS BORN IN 2012 LOCALLY IN DALLAS TX , I FEEL SO ACCOMPLISHED WITH ALL THE SUPPORT I HAD ALWAYS RECIVED FORM MY CLIENTS,I REMEMBER MY STREET BEING FULL OF CARS AND A LINE AT MY DOOR EVERY DAY , AND YES I STARTED DOING THIS FROM HOME , WITH MY LITTLE BABYS BY MY SIDE ALWAYS, IN 2018 MY LAST BABY WAS BORN HER NAME IS "JANNEY" AND THAT YEAR WAS THE YEAR I DECIDED TO REGISTER MY STORE TO MOVE ONLINE. I chose all of my products and i only bring products I truly love. Thank you for you trust! BLESSINGS