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Mineral-Infused Double Cleansing Mask

Mineral-Infused Double Cleansing Mask

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80% of women wash their face incorrectly. Especially in the evening.

The problem of most cleansers is that it contains a lot of chemicals in order to thoroughly cleanse your skin. This will set your skins pH off balance.

When your skins pH goes out of balance; becoming more acidic or more alkaline, your skin is more susceptible to damage.

This is when your skin reacts in undesirable skin conditions, like acne breakouts or dry flakiness, which ironically enough leads to even more sebum production. Therefore, instead of using harsh(foaming) chemicals like SLS to deep cleanse, we have used a combination of fermented minerals. These fermented minerals give this cleansing mask a unique bubbly texture.

Furthermore, these fermented ingredients also work to increase the nutrient density, making this cleanser natural ingredients more powerful.

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