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SAHUMERIO especial oil of 3ml now included

SAHUMERIO especial oil of 3ml now included

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This Sahumerio mix is traditionally used by shamans to do ceremonies for purify houses and to remove negative energy. Everyone makes their own SAHUMERIO UNIQUE MINE IS MADE WITH LOTS OF LOVE AND GOOD INTENTIONS AND ENERGY FOR EVERYONE 


Myrrh – Recorded use of Myrrh goes back over 4,000 years.It is a key ingredient in the ancient Egyptian Kyphi temple incense, and the ancient Greek perfume, Megaleion.

a (Lavender) – Lavender was historically used by the Greeks and Romans to perfume bath water, and as an incense to the Deities. Consider lavender for help in acquiring magickal skills, especially Hermetic magic. In some magickal traditions, this scent is combined with rosemary to make a calming perfume that helps one acquire wisdom.

Rosemary – Rosemary was the garland of choice for the Romans’ household gods, and they purified their flocks by smudging them with this protective scent. In England, this scent was considered to protect against pesky witches as well as to attract friendship.

Eucalyptus Leaves – Drives away evil and is used to purify any space. Also used for clearing negative energies from an object, and promotes healing. Provides a barrier against people with bad intent.

Bay LEAVES- Anxiety relief is touted as a major benefit of bay leaf burning. This is probably due to the fact that bay leaf smoke contains linalool, a compound found in a number of other plants, including mint and lavender. Lavender is another plant commonly used for treating anxiety.




Purification and uplifting and protection,brings peace, removes negative,


How to Use: 

  1. Take a piece of self-lighting incense Charcoal and place it on a heat proof receptacle lined with salt
  2. Carefully light the Charcoal as it will spark once you’ve lit it 
  3. Once the Charcoal has turned gray, add a pinch of the Sahumerio Incense Blend onto the Charcoal Tablet (Note: The more you add, the smokier it will get)
  4. You may also use this time to walk through your space to help set the intention with the smoke of the Sahumerio Incense Blend if you wish
  5. When finished, place the heat proof receptacle out of reach of any children or pets as it will stay hot until it is finished burning 
  6. We recommend cleansing your space with the Sahumerio Incense Blend every so often or as needed, depending on your needs and desire

when cleansing your homes make sure to get all the corners really good i recommend to light up a white candel and pass it around your body put your intention and light it up let all the negative go ♥️Blessings and thank you



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